Bar/Waiting Staff & Kitchen Assistants

From Liz Allcock:

We are looking for friendly and motivated individuals to join our team.  Part time positions are available in both the bar and kitchen.   Previous experience is preferred, but not essential.  Please get in touch if you’re interested!  We’d love to hear from you!

The Longs Arms, South Wraxall, Bradford on Avon, BA15 2SB
T:  01225 864450  E:

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Christmas Tree recycling scheme

From Mark Le Sueur:

Dorothy House have a brand new initiative for this year…


People sign their trees up to a website:  Make a donation towards Dorothy House Hospice Care then on 7th and 8th January 2017 a team of volunteer drivers and vehicles go out and collect the trees to then be chipped!

The scheme is taking place in:
BA11- Frome
BA13- Westbury
BA14- Trowbridge
BA15- Bradford on Avon
SN13 – Corsham
BA1- Bath

They also need volunteer collectors to work alongside their teams in each of the above postcodes

Steph Cox, Community Fundraiser
Dorothy House Hospice Care
Winsley, Bradford on Avon, BA15 2LE
T: 01225 721480

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Can you help solve a puzzle?

I have had a report of a strange incident that happened recently and I would welcome any clarification that villagers might be able to send me.

Just after 3pm on Wednesday 16th November a man and woman were seen leaving the garden of a property in the upper village.  They were carrying a camera and tripod and heard talking in a foreign language, possibly Spanish.

The owner, who was away at the time, does not know who these people were, and is a bit concerned about who they may be and what they were doing on their property.  If any of you saw them elsewhere in the village, or even better know who they might be, I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

Thanks –

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Victory to The “Monkton Farleigh Mafia”

From Chris Jones:

The 2016 South Wraxall Quiz night produced the usual fierce competition with last year’s winners (Toby’s Jugs) relegated this year into second place by The Monkton Farleigh Mafia. They achieved 70% of correct answers and 9/10 on the mystery voice round only failing to guess Julie Andrews – obviously much too young!

The Wooden Spoon went appropriately to the “Wooden Spoon” team who scored an incredible NIL POINTS on the mystery voice round (most scored 7/10 for that round), but redeemed themselves with a 9/10 on another round.

Judging by the noise, laughter and clinking of glasses a fun night was had by all with £506 raised for the Village Hall.


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SW Parish Council Meeting – 17th November

From Mark Caroe:

The agenda for the next meeting of the Parish Council is below.

In looking at the situation regarding the phone box it is worth noting that the box has been used just once in the last 12 months, as a result I think it is going to be extremely difficult to ask BT to retain it as a working telephone box.  We have in the past argued it was needed because of the poor mobile signal in the village but this has not been supported by use.   If we consider keeping the box we will need to consider possible future uses and the cost of insurance and maintenance, which will fall upon the Parish Council (which we all pay for through our rates); we would need a solution that will work over many years. The subject will be discussed at the PC meeting and all will be welcome.


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Reminder: South Wraxall Village Hall Annual Quiz: Saturday 12th November

Don’t forget the Quiz on Saturday.  There is still chance to enter, contact Liz Jones (details below)


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BT Phonebox

From George Lodge:

BT have a proposed programme of proposed public payphone removals. This includes the telephone box opposite the pub in the upper village. The Parish Council will be discussing their view and advising Wiltshire County Council of this. If you have a view please let one of the Parish Councillors know.

Please note that a simple objection will carry very little weight. Specific reasons as to why the phone should stay should be raised. For example:
– If there were predominantly privately rented or council housing in the area, this could suggest households with lower income without access to mobile and fixed telephones and that could be a reason that a public call box should be retained.
– If the payphone is sited in an area of particularly poor mobile phone coverage.
– If there is a higher than average need to access emergency services, including breakdown services due to specific local factors for example: the call box is near a known accident black-spot.

If, having considered objections, BT nevertheless still choses to discontinue the service, there would still be an opportunity for parish councils or registered charities to adopt the kiosk for just £1, thereby protecting the heritage of the community.

The consultation period will close on 23rd January 2017 but Parish councils have been asked to respond by Friday 9th December 2016.

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