Beetle Drive

From Anthony Butterfield:

I hope many of you have seen the Village Hall is hosting a Beetle Drive this Saturday, 22nd September at 7pm to raise money towards the village hall carpark.

If you are thinking of attending, please email me at: & book your tickets.

For those of you who are not familiar with this popular old favourite, Beetle Drive is a fast moving turn based dice game where players compete to be the first to draw a full beetle and call out the word “beetle”.  The game guarantees a fun night out and anyone can play.

Entry is £10 and includes food. There will also be a cash bar serving beer, cider, wine and soft drinks.

Your welcome to come as a group or on your own. This fun game is easy to play and suitable for anyone.

Come and join the fun.


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New Dance With Your Kids Class

From Sophie Bolton:


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New Zen of Sport Class

From Chris Milford:


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Beetle Drive

From Anthony Butterfield:

Can I ask anyone who is planning to come to the Beetle Drive (on Saturday 22nd) who hasn’t already said they are, please let me know. We want to get a good idea of numbers so we can make sure that there is plenty of food and drink available.

You can email me at:

Or text:


Tickets will be sold on the night at the door of the village hall.

Your welcome to come as a group or on your own. This fun game is easy to play and suitable for anyone.

Look forward to seeing you a week on Saturday at the Beetle Drive.

Anthony Butterfield

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Wellbeing Day

From Nicky Minter:

Wellbeing Day – Saturday 29th September 2018

South Wraxall Village Hall 10am-4.30

@£60 – lunch included

Theme of Day:- Coping with Worry and Anxiety

Please join me for this stress-relieving day:-

Learn the self-help tool Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to help you cope with worry and anxiety.  Experience the self-awareness aspects of Mindfulness to discover how to deal with your problems in an accepting way and to calm the mind from its’ constant chatter.

In addition we do some light exercise, mindful movement and a short session of Laughter Yoga to increase the positive chemicals in the brain!

Delicious lunch and refreshments included!

Please contact me if you would like to book a place.

Many thanks



07979 648695

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Record of Traffic Accidents

From Nigel Gill:

As reiterated in the recent village newsletter, road safety issues in the village are a constant topic of discussion. Regular consultation with the highways engineers from Wiltshire Council has led to some small improvements around the village such as the realignment of the highway outside the Longs Arms, and speed limit roundels at the entrances to the Upper Village. These are due to be improved by the addition of white gates either side of those roads in the immediate future.  Other measures undertaken have included encouraging landowners to keep hedges cut back especially where they constrain visibility at junctions. However it is clear that more could be done if only funding existed, but neither Wiltshire Council nor the parish have funds for anything but the simplest of changes.

Part of the problem is that statistics are only being collated for the more serious accidents. There is no current record of the minor incidents that occur regularly on our roads and hence we have no hard evidence of the danger that we all face when travelling around the village. Yet, without evidence, we have little chance of fighting our case for improvements.

As a long term initiative I am now collating a record of the road traffic accidents as they occur around the village and I need your help.  To avoid any privacy issues, I am not collecting any details that identify the individuals involved but I do need to know what, when and where for every road traffic accident (however trivial) that happens in and around the village. If we can record the majority of the accidents that occur; or identify damage to hedges, road signs etc, then we can build up a picture over time of how dangerous our roads are and the specific black spots. This won’t be quick but neither is there any immediate prospect of additional funds becoming available to tackle road safety issues. This is a long term initiative.

So, please let me know of any incidents that you witness or see the damaged verges.  Just email, text or drop me a note and I will collate.  What, when and where. I don’t want to know who as that has privacy issues.


Text: 07711 591454

Or drop a note in at 27 Lower South Wraxall.


Nigel Gill

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Reminder: Concert in St James Church this Saturday

From Christopher Thornhill:

September Serenade Concert

St James’s Church, South Wraxall this Saturday 15th September at 7.00 pm.


  • Lisa’s Ladies;
  • Meryl Thomas, Soprano;
  • The Hilperton Recorder Group;
  • and our very own Max Stanton, Jazz Pianist

Entry will be free but donations will be requested towards the restoration of the rest of the windows which is about to begin.

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