New Pilates course – South Wraxall village hall, every Wednesday, 19:15 – 20:15

From Jasmine Charles-Jones:


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Black and white spotty Pointer found wearing black harness

From Kelly Pritchard:

I have just found a dog on the school run to Monkton Farleigh.  It’s Tuesday 15th January. The dog was howling in the middle of the lane, I stopped to call it to me but it was scared and would not approach.  It ran off across the fields.  A few of us tried to call it and think who it belonged to but it was last sighted heading across the fields in the direction of the back road that heads towards South Wraxall, near the driving range.  This was at about 3.30pm. It was very vocal, we tried whistling and calling but it wouldn’t come back.

I rang the Council dog warden to report sighting, but they said they wouldn’t come out if it wasn’t restrained, and they weren’t linked up to any databases for missing dogs!! So quite useless really!  Please spread this message in the hope that the dog is reunited with it’s owners before it gets dark

Kelly Pritchard 07828 522134.


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Tent Found

From Judy Sweeney:

I found a light weight blue tent in my garden last week.  I would obviously like to find the owner as I assume it could not have come far.  My tel no is 863613.

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Village Path

From Steve Randall:

Wraxall Village Units: Footpath Work Party

On Sunday 20th at 10.30, bring a spade / grass edging tool to the public footpath between the lower and upper village.

With a little help from upper and lower it could be completed in a few hours.

Please help, more hands light work!

Come rain or shine !

Contact Steve on 01225 864468

Steve Randall

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Missing dog update

From Michelle Brown:

Dear all, we’d like to thank everyone for their help and support in finding Otto, thank you all! Otto had gone missing from his daily walk in the Avenue on Monday 31st December 2018 and didn’t make his way home as he usually would! After several days of searching and following up leads from sightings in Calne and Winsley to no avail, volunteers from came to the village to help find him. On Friday afternoon they tracked all possibilities of where he could be from knowing the details of his last walk, setting up several bedding stations. It was about 5.30 pm and dark when the volunteers noticed Otto’s body by a small stream near the private woodland. Otto didn’t have any obvious injuries and so we think he may have had a fit or cardiac event that he was not able to survive. We are obviously very sad to loose him , but know he had a great life in a lovely village with access to wonderful open fields and woodlands that any dog would love. Thank you to everyone who helped in finding him and for your understanding and support, Michelle, Ruby and Bella at Upper Farm.

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South Wraxall Village Draw – January 2019 Results

From Jasmine Charles-Jones:

The results from January’s South Wraxall Village Draw are in and the winners are…

1st prize – £96.00 no. 52 Jill Lindquist
2nd prize – £38.40 no.  47 John Charles-Jones
3rd prize – £28.80 no. 28 Richard & Jasmine Charles-Jones
4th prize – £19.20 no. 7 Anthony Eric & Jennifer Carter
5th prize – £9.60 no. 22 Trevor Carbin

The total prize fund for July’s draw stood at: £192

Congratulations to all prize winners, you will be contacted personally regarding payment.


For those of you who paid an annual subscription by cash or cheque – you will need to renew your subscription of £24 per ticket for 2019 to retain your numbers.

You can do this by…

Sending a cheque or cash to “South Wraxall Village Hall Draw” – drop off in the hall post box or with any of the committee members. (Annual subscription per ticket is £24)


By setting up a monthly direct debit for £2 per ticket:

Account Name:   South Wraxall Village Hall Draw
Account No:    59197760
Account Sort:   30-98-75

Increase your chances….

Why not increase your chances of winning?! Take the plunge and buy another ticket! Buy one on behalf of a family member, encourage a friend.

Additional application & standing order forms here and spread the word!

Any questions or to reserve a specific number….


Good luck in the next draw in April 2019!


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Wellbeing Day South Wraxall Village Hall Sunday 13th January @ 10am-4.30pm

From Nicky Minter:

I am taking bookings for anyone who would like to join me for a day of calm, rejuvenation, rebalancing and New Year motivation!!

#Treat yourself to a day for YOU, with mindfulness, meditation, calming and de-stressing techniques
#Enjoy a DELICIOUS 3 course lunch!!
#Learn some valuable methods to help you manage your thoughts and emotions
#Get motivated for the year ahead
#£70 for the day, £10 off as a Villager!

Please contact me if you would like to book a space 😊

Many thanks!

“Just to say thank you so much for the Wellbeing day at the beginning of February. It was AMAZING and so good for my head. I hadn’t realised until we started the day quite how tense I was and how knotted my shoulders were but after the breathing, guided visualisation, relaxation and meditation activities throughout the day I felt like a new woman! I felt completely de stressed and my tight neck and shoulders had entirely cleared. I have been using the deep focused breathing and relaxing from my toes up strategies since and am managing to maintain my level of calm so I guess they are strategies for life that will work for me.” CW


07979 648695

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