Appeal for promises for the South Wraxall Village Fête raffle

As part of this year’s activities during the South Wraxall Village Fête, which is being organized by Ruth Warren and Clare Norrie, there will be a Raffle of Promises. The aim of the raffle is to build on our community spirit by getting everyone to offer their time and to help each other, as well as having a great chance of winning something by which to remember the 2013 fete, however small it may be.

I have accepted the challenge of arranging the raffle and I have already approached local companies and organisations for the usual donations.

However, we pride ourselves on having a local community fête and therefore I would very much like additional prizes in the form of offers of help from village residents. I would like there to be many prizes so that every raffle winner can choose something that they will appreciate and value.

These could be offers of help with:

gardening, baby sitting, pet sitting, making Sunday lunch, afternoon tea, tree cutting, car washing, chimney sweeping, helping on the computer, a ride in a vintage car, teaching a skill to others, e.g. knitting/cooking/bread making/quilting/language lessons; massage, cycle trip, communal dog walking, tennis lessons, use of swimming pool, curry night, companionship, making a cake of a special occasion, waiting at table, collecting litter, picking apples, etc.

I hope that by donating your time, you will not only give enjoyment to other members of the community but you will also have an opportunity to enjoy spending time together with other members of the village.

PLEASE, PLEASE consider my request and help make this another memorable village fete. Use my ideas or think up your own original idea. The more the merrier! A promise confirmed by email (Word document) which I could print and insert in an envelope for a prize, would really help my organisation!

To respond with your offered promise or to discuss anything further, please contact me.

Margaret Gill

The Orchard, 27  lvy Lane, Lower South Wraxall  Tel: 01225 868069/07858 0006854

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