Food waste digesters at discounted prices

George Lodge has suggested you might be interested in the following:

To help divert food waste from landfill, Wiltshire Council is working in partnership with Great Green Systems to encourage residents to compost food waste in their gardens using specially designed food waste digesters known as Green Johannas and Green Cones. Patented and unobtrusive, the units accept all types of cooked and uncooked household food waste including meat and bones, reducing the contents to either nutrient-rich compost or water, depending on the model used.

Similar in appearance to a traditional garden composter, the units are currently being heavily subsidised by Wiltshire Council. Whilst stocks last, a Green Johanna, for producing nutrient rich compost from household food waste mixed with green garden waste, is currently available for £25 instead of £108.90 whilst a Green Cone for disposing of food waste only, is being offered for £20 instead of £79.50. Prices include delivery.

For more information about both the food waste digesters and how to order them please visit the Recycle for Wiltshire website or telephone 0800 7312572.

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