Fete reminder – it’s next Saturday

Please remember, don’t forget:  the fete is next Saturday: 11 May 2 – 4pm.

Please come and if at all possible find the time in advance of Saturday to:

Donate cakes – to Catherine Mayhew, Sally Oakley, Anita Munn

Donate to the lucky dip – to Claire Atkins

Look out toys, games etc – to Tanya & Pete Simmons, Jane & Neil Griffiths, Melissa & Richard Smart

Look out books, DVDs etc – to Vanessa Parker, Christopher & Valentine Thornhill

Offer prizes for the raffle – to Ruth Warren

AND : let Kate Eastwood know if you will be coming to the evening party – info@leighcottagechildcare.com

If you have queries, email: ruth@fetchpetshop.co.uk – who would like to know if you have a gazebo to lend for the day.

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