20mph speed limit for the village?

From Nigel Gill:

You will have noticed that 20 mph speed limits are becoming more common across the UK.  The Government is actively supporting their adoption as part of its road safety campaign.

Should we be seeking a 20mph speed limit for South Wraxall?

Should we be seeking a 20mph speed limit for South Wraxall?

In Wiltshire the council has just completed 6 pilot schemes in villages and is now considering a policy that suggests that 20 mph speed limits should be adopted more widely. Our county councillor Trevor Carbin is suggesting that the villages in his area should ask for 20 mph speed limits. Monkton Farley already has a proposal to take to the Council.

It has also been suggested that preserving and promoting the ‘sense of place’ in a village has a positive psychological affect on driver behaviour. It is not so much about reducing speed but getting drivers to take more care.

I believe that the centre of the Upper Village between the Longs Arms and the Village Hall would benefit from reduced traffic speeds. The Lower Village and the side roads in the Upper Village would also benefit from more careful driving. While the last thing I want to see is more “clutter” along the sides of our roads, making the village a safer place to walk and ride  by encouraging drivers to take more care, especially in the dark winter months, would be a positive move. We should be asking for 20 mph limits in both Upper and Lower Villages.

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