August newsletter

The late August newsletter has been delivered. A summary of the main features that have not already been put on the website, is given here.

New on the website: By going to the relevant page of this site, you can now check on church services, village hall events (and who is in charge of the diary each month), the club, the pub, etc.

Although the crime rate in the village is extremely low there have been a couple of thefts lately, the most worrying being in the village with tools and equipment being stolen from a garden shed followed by a later robbery from the garden.

A local church has also been targeted losing part of the stone tiling on the roof. The upshot is that we all need to be careful making it as hard as possible for the thieves and please keep a watchful eye for the unusual.

Fly tipping in Gypsy Lane
After several phone calls requesting that a large dump be removed, it has been made worse by the Council shifting objects and litter into the ditch rather than taking it away. Efforts will continue to get it removed. There appear to be syringes and needles amongst the rubbish, so please be careful if you walk there with dogs and children.

The Council have agreed to place a sign to the village at the top of Kingsdown Hill, although they haven’t promised a date. We are still waiting for the red gateway and 30mph sign for the easterly entrance to the village which should happen soon.

Harvest Festival and Lunch
Sunday, 22 September
11am St James’s Church, followed by a bring and share lunch in the village hall.
The link group is getting involved by organising the ever popular village choir and we would like to hear from any child volunteers who might like to do a reading or read some prayers. We are having a choir practise at 7pm on Tuesday 17th in the church. Everyone is welcome, adults and children.

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