A South Wraxall resident’s experience in Luxor, Egypt

From Helen Bailey:

Having been fortunate enough to spend a considerable amount of time living in Luxor, Egypt, I recently chose to return to South Wraxall, the village where I grew up as a child. Luxor is an enchanting and addictive city, often known as the world’s largest open air museum. Teaming with mystery and history, the people are possibly the most hospitable, friendly and happiest people in the World.

This peaceful country experienced the revolution on January 25th 2011, resulting in a situation that has shocked both its inhabitants and the world. You have seen the heartbreaking images on your TV screens; you have read the articles in newspapers and clicked links on the internet.  As a direct result of the last 34 months, tourism in Luxor is now non existent. This once thriving city is now desolate, boarded up and without life. Suffering in silence, are the animals of Luxor. With no money coming in to their homes, the priority is to feed the family and not the animals, so  they are becoming sick, and many die from starvation.

During my time in Luxor, I was a volunteer at ACE, the only Animal Hospital that provides free treatment for the working horses and donkeys, cats, dogs, goats, sheep and sometimes the odd cow! The distressing scenes that the vets and volunteers have to endure daily, make them strive even more to help the four legged souls that pass through the ACE gates.

South Wraxall is a beautiful village, that has many fine horses grazing in the fields. I still marvel at the size of their rears compared to the Luxor horses! Cows, cattle, sheep, ponies, cats and dogs all have homes, good food and owners that understand what they need to be fit, healthy and loved. Everyday, I pass through the village I remember those in Luxor, that are not so well cared for.

In this short documentary, Keith Malone talks to Kim Taylor, the co founder and a good friend of mine, giving the viewer a very small insight into what she and the team see every day and night.

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