Wanted: your views on what to do with the South Wraxall Club

From Steve Randall:

Dan and Jacqui have been tireless in keeping your Club open, providing marvellous food, good beer and keeping the Club clean and tidy.  It takes a considerable amount of their time. Dan has, for some time, been finding it almost impossible to survive on the earnings as the Club is not well supported. Due to this he has had to take on a full time job which now means he does not have the time to organise the necessary food and beer as well as open for the same amount of days.South-Wraxall-Club

Three options are under consideration:

1.  Close for one extra night per week. Saturday is a possibility as it is a very quiet night.

2. Open for the same number of days but with help from Members in running the bar on a Saturday night. No food would be provided.

3.  Mothball the Club for, say, three months during the winter.  This will make a great saving on power, and food and beer wasted due to it not being sold.

It is difficult for the Committee to see a way forward without the continued and hopefully increased support of its Members and they would welcome your comments and suggestions as to the best way forward for your Club.

Please forward your views to gillsteve@mac.com, before 9th November 2013, which is the date of the next Committee Meeting, when a decision will be made.

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