Comments regarding the future of South Wraxall Club

The following comments were received by Steve Randall, following his request for feedback about the future of the Club. If you have a view, please send your comments to Steve before the 9th November Club committee meeting:

From Marjorie Hayter:

The real problem with the Club is that it is not well supported by people who live in the village or its surroundings. Jacqui and Dan have worked tirelessly to make the Club attractive and well-maintained, and to provide excellent food and, or so I understand, not being a beer drinker myself, well kept beer. I cannot see that asking for volunteer bar staff would improve matters. What is needed is volunteer beer drinkers!

One group of 8-10 people comes regularly once a month on a Friday for lunch. Although they have not been asked, I’m sure they would be sad to see the Club closed for, say, 3 months in the winter, even though it is possible we could go elsewhere. In short, I think the committee has an intractable problem. I only hope that a solution can be found.

From Gina Godridge:

My views about the club is that for the winter months is would be good to have the club open on a Friday as this seems to be the most busiest night, especially for food when Dan is kept going.. Friday is also a good day to un-wind before the weekend.  I agree Saturday is difficult as folk tend to have other arrangements on a Saturday or they have been out all day and just want to stay in doors in the evening.

I think three nights is a little ambitious especially at this time of year as folk are beginning to think about cold. Wet weather, staying at home. With Christmas around the corner things take over leaving not enough time to visit the club.

Winter months, if the club was only open one night per week, (Friday) and we knew that it would not be a problem turning up after 9pm as some folk work late this will encourage people to come along and make the most of it, even if it is just for last orders.  I know and have heard people say that they go to other pubs only because they like drinking later/last orders and don’t want to arrive early evening when the club is empty. But if the club is not busy, there is no point Dan hanging around???

Come, spring and summer, Friday evenings is a must and would be nice if the club could open for Happy hour, or pie and a pint to enable people to call in straight from work because once they go home its difficult to get them back out again, talking from experience. I am happy to help out, serving, washing up. I don’t do the garden anymore as Denise and Sheila does this.

From Nigel Gill:

While we consider the immediate future for the Club, can I put the current issues in context?  It is not that long ago that the village Club was being run as an amenity for a group of non-residents. At Jacqui’s instigation, we got together and kicked out the old regime; then removed the tenants who weren’t paying rent. Since then the villagers, led by Mark le Seuer, have refurbished the flat on the upper floor and now, after one false start, the flat is let and generating sufficient income to maintain the Club’s beautiful old cottage which is located next to the brook in the Lower Village.  Do come and see if you haven’t been there before.

The current question is how best to use this unique facility. Dan has for some time tried to make the most of the Club to provide a warm welcome, a bar and evening meals. The numbers vary but overall the volume of business isn’t sufficient to provide a living for anybody. That is why Dan is now working elsewhere while still trying to provide some service in the Club. And hence why the Club committee are seeking your views on what level of service you want. Please do respond.

And if you are not a member of the Club, please consider joining as the Club was set up for the benefit of all residents of the village and  surrounding area. The Club owns the building and we should collectively be making the most of this unique facility. Currently we use it as a bar and restaurant. Clearly we could also use it for a variety of other purposes as long as it is still benefiting the residents of the village. The more fundamental question we should therefore be addressing in the village is how we retain this unique facility and make the most of it?

I look forward to hearing further debate on the future of the Club.

From Jason Fuller:

Ginny has said that she’d be happy to tend the bar an evening a week (I can stand in for her on any nights she’s not able.) Also, we’d both like to ‘join’ the club, who do we speak to in this regard please?

From Helen Bailey:

I have read the comments and I agree that coming into the Winter months, it is more of a drag to go out, especially now the clocks have changed! Friday is the best night to be open, maybe a little earlier, so those that finish earlier, could pop in? I know when I cycled past this summer on the way home, I really fancied a pint in the garden, but that is a thought for next year.

How many members are there? Maybe it is possible to share the load over the darker months and help Jackie and Dan out? I have always seen the club as a fantastic place to exhibit art or hold craft fairs, there are plenty on the circuit, might be worth seeing if you can get in?

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