South Wraxall Club to close until February 16th

Forwarded by Steve Randall:

9th November 2013

 Dear Members of the above addressed Club,

Having considered the responses from those of you that answered to the email, asking you to choose from the three workable options for the Club, as promised the Committee met tonight to discuss this and vote on the way forward. We unanimously agreed to ‘mothball’ the Club from 16th November 2013 until 26th February 2014 for the following reasons.

Attendance has dropped steeply and the response from the membership to the options put forward was minimal.

The majority of those responses were in agreement that to close the Club for the worst winter months is the sensible action.

To close the Club at this time will save precious funds as we are still in a situation where we are clearing historical debt.

Dan is unable to continue to stock food, drink and consumables and continue to work the nights the Club is open when it is not used sufficiently to ‘break even’, for he meets these costs himself – the Club does not. There were not enough volunteers to run the bar, although we were delighted some did offer.

We thank you for your comments, even those from non-members, and most especially those who offered practical help.  The intention is to re-open with the A.G.M. on the 26th of February.  The Committee will continue to look after the building to the best of their ability during this short closure, and meet to keep the administration in order.

On the 16th November admittance will be restricted to members only and any food that week must be booked, in advance, for obvious reasons.

Please remember the A.G.M. will be restricted, as always, to members only, which will apply if you are a member now. May the Committee take this opportunity to thank the members who have worked so hard in 2013, and to wish you all an early Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With best wishes from –

Jacqui Prior (acting Chair) and the Committee of the Club – Gill Marsden (Hon.Sec), Liz Bryant (Treasurer), Penny Turner, Pete Simmonds, Steve Knight, Gareth Moon and Daniel Hinds.

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