Opportunity to save money on heating oil

Thanks to George Lodge for passing this on:

Keith Walker in Monkton Farleigh runs a communal oil buying group and is happy to extend this to South Wraxall.

The system is similar to the Community First scheme, in that he shops around to find the best price. The Community First scheme price has come in slightly below the Monkton Farleigh scheme (about 1.5p/litre less) but asks for an annual up front subscription of £20 and cash on delivery, which makes it less cost-effective for those needing to buy less than 1400 litres a year.

Community First oil price comparison in recent months

Community First oil price comparison in recent months

The way both schemes work is that individual deliveries can be anything over 500 litres, meaning you can order a top up even though there is plenty left in the tank.

Local coordinators ask members each month if they need a delivery and, once there is a 6000 litre total order, shops around for the best price.

Keith Walker’s e-mail is: kclcwalk@aol.com



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