Clean-up plea from Steve Randall

I’ve received a couple of messages from a pretty angry Steve Randall. One concerned the state of the path across the field that joins the Upper and Lower Village, and another related to inconsiderate dog owners. Here are his stories and his plea for a cleaner village…with some of the stronger language judiciously edited out!

I have listened to villagers complaining about the state of the public footpath between Lower and Upper Village, and also how curious and intimidating the cows can be when you are walking across the public footpath. Just a few weeks ago, Gilly and I were walking across the footpath to the Club. It was around 19.30 and dark. We always take a torch so we can see where the cows are before crossing the fields at night, and on this occasion the herd of cattle were in the far corner of the field, so we put on our brave face and as quickly as possible headed across the path, being careful not to step on a cow pat, which mired the entire path. We both stopped after hearing what sounded like thunder, shinning our touch round to see the whites of the cows eyes heading towards us. By this time we were only a third of the way across the public foot path. They came within 20 feet of us, crossed in front of us – a very scary moment.

We ventured out for an early Sunday morning walk to find the cows had been removed here’s what was left.


I know we live in the countryside and on a wet day appropriate footwear should be worn, but on a nice dry day these are not always necessary, and because this path is used by villagers on a daily basis, I think the path should be cleared and maintained by the owner or farmer. I’m also up for helping organise a village work party to clear the path and widen it back to its original width. 

IMG_3944 In the photograph on the left, you can see where our neighbour, John, had started clearing near the swing gate at the Upper Wraxall side. It looked impressive a few days ago.

Regarding the cattle, my idea would be to erect an electric fence on one side of the path to keep cattle away from the path. This could be moved with the cattle onto the other side of the path several weeks later.

Onto the poo story: 

On an early walk in the village to clear the cobwebs, we walked to Lower Wraxall, along the path by the Wraxall Club, to find this lovely dog relieving itself against the wall after depositing a large poo on the path.

IMG_3957I have not shown the dog’s face, because its not his fault he was on the path. I then took a few photographs of several other piles of dog mess along that same path. Owners are responsible for their dogs and it’s time for them to clean up their act.

Editor’s note: Wiltshire Council issues Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of £75 for dog fouling. People issued a FPN have a certain timescale in which to pay the fine but if not complied with they can be taken to court where the maximum fine is £1,000.

On a lighter note, I was amused to see this clip from the Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: “Dog fouling is a Wiltshire Council policy and applies anywhere in Devizes, not just Hillworth Park.”

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