Parish Council response to ‘muck and poo’

Thanks to Mark Caroe, Chairman of the Parish Council, for this considered response to the story posted earlier this week.

In response to the condition of the footpath across field between the Upper and Lower Village I have asked Wiltshire Council for their opinion before emotions run too high.  The reality is we all have the right to use the footpath but Tom Farthing (who rents the field) has the right to use the field as he wishes; we cannot expect him to either leave the field empty or subdivide it to keep the path clean, or clean up after his cows.  He is trying to earn a living and this is a rural community.  The council recommended walkers wear wellington boots, after all it is winter, the fields are muddy and cows will do what cows do.  If you don’t like the mud/dung or are frightened of the cows you should walk around by road.  Please be understanding.

I have asked Tom to keep an eye on the level of the mud on the road as it is his responsibility (if he caused mud) to keep the surface safe for road users.

Regarding the dog muck, this is a different matter as Bob has mentioned before and you can be fined if you fail to pick up dog’s excrement (even if you are not with your dog), the rules apply to public land/roads with speed limits of 40mph or lower.  In the end this boils down to common decency, we all love the village and want to keep it clean so please do pick it up!

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