Update on high-speed broadband for the village

This is the latest information from Wiltshire Council – rather vague on commitment again, I’m afraid:

I can confirm that your postcode is within the intervention area for the Wiltshire Online programme; this means we are able to survey and invest in the area.  I am also able to confirm that work is expected to begin in early 2015; however, this is the beginning of the process in your area and when each village or community may be able to order the improved service will vary.

As I am sure you will appreciate, this is an extremely large and complex infrastructure project that needs to be completed in stages.  The first step in the installation process is BT Openreach undertaking on-the-ground surveys to ensure that their existing infrastructure is fit for purpose, for example that the ducts that currently carry the copper wires are able to accept the new fibre cable;  some of the ducting has been in place for many years and may be damaged and need repair before the fibre can be installed.  So although we know how the programme will progress, until all of the survey work is completed we cannot absolutely guarantee when we can get to a particular community nor can we comment at this stage on the outcome of the survey or the improved speeds the area can expect.  In addition, in order to ensure that we are getting the absolute best value for money in terms of the number of homes we can reach, we have to progress in a logical manner and this generally involves working outwards from an exchange and picking up the cabinets along the way.

The aim of the project is to achieve the best possible long-term broadband coverage for Wiltshire.  With the investment available we will deliver superfast broadband to 91% of homes and businesses in Wiltshire, our commitment also includes ensuring everyone in our intervention area will receive a standard minimum service of 2Mbps.

We are making quarterly announcements on our progress with the next update being due in January 2014; we will be keeping our website (www.wiltshireonline.org) up to date.  In addition, during 2014 we will be attending each Area Board so that we can update you directly on progress.


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