High speed fibre optic broadband on its way to the village

Just a few months ago we were told that South Wraxall may, in early 2015, be surveyed to determine the viability of providing fibre optic broadband to the cabinet (FTTC) for the village. This would enable much higher broadband speeds to be delivered to homes and businesses. I was therefore surprised to receive a phone call from Bill Parker to tell me that a new telecommunications cabinet was installed in the Lower Village last weekend.

An unexpected arrival in the Lower Village - a BT fibre optic broadband cabinet

An unexpected arrival in the Lower Village – a BT fibre optic broadband cabinet

A check on the Wiltshire Council web site indicated that the village was currently being surveyed but when I queried this the Council updated its web site and now shows that installation is underway. The new cabinet needs to be connected to a power source and to the existing cabinet from which copper wires are routed to our homes. I don’t know the exact status of this work and could not find out from the Council. However, it seems likely that we will enjoy the option of much higher broadband speeds in the relatively near future. I can’t be more specific than that because nobody I’ve spoken to can.

You can find more information about fibre optic broadband here. Just enter your postcode for details relevant to South Wraxall.

Note that you do not necessarily have to be a BT Customer, or to buy the company’s ‘Infinity’ service. Other service providers may also be able to give you high speed broadband but it is their choice whether to offer the service when it goes live.

(Personally, I find the service from Zen to better than any I’ve ever received from BT. They provide both my phone and broadband service, so I’m hoping they’ll be offering the higher broadband speeds too.)

I’ll post more information as soon as I have it.

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