Concerns over proposed solar farm

From Tattie at Ellbridge Quail Farm:

I was wondering if you have heard about the proposed solar farm our side of Broughton Gifford?  I heard today that South Wraxall Parish Council have said they have no objections as it wouldn’t  interfere  with the village. I agree, sort of,  I guess but I do have concerns.

A flyer has been prepared by the Addis’s and their neighbours. You can download it here. Rob and I are due to be popping one through the doors of houses in the village over the weekend.  I hope this is going to be OK.   We really didn’t realise quite how many have appeared around us.  Two have been turned down, namely Sandridge (I think) and the one at Wadswick.

I believe that Broughton Gifford are not happy about it after the mess that has been made by the one being built at Norrington.  I believe horror was had when around 20 HGV lorries were all parked up in one of the tiny lanes trying to get access to the site!   The proposed entrance to the actual site is by Ganbrook Farm, the triangle of grass just this side of Stonar?  They propose to get there by coming through Broughton Gifford or they come in from 5 ways and turn right at Kelvin’s garage and go along there. A lovely lady popped in to us a couple of days ago to buy some eggs and said she had just cycled  to Atworth and she lives in South Wraxall, her route is right where the lorries will come in!

I can’t help feeling the one proposed development will impact villagers in their daily charging about more than they may think?  Walking, cycling, riding horses etc and picking up children from Stonar? I gather it will also be seen from Macmillan Way and other properties in the village.  Maybe I am wrong but it does need keeping an eye on. The one at Norrington went through without Broughton Gifford really knowing about it!  Until it was too late.

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