High speed broadband update, and beating BT phone bill hikes

High speed broadband update
I spoke with Wiltshire Council again a couple of days ago regarding the new high speed broadband cabinet that’s appeared in the Lower Village. It has not yet had power connected to it, but this is scheduled to happen in the second week of September. BT Openreach, the wholesale service provider for whichever ISP you use, is also in the process of running a fibre optic cable from the exchange in Bradford-on-Avon to the cabinet. I still have no firm dates for when then new service will be available but if it’s not within the next month, the Council has agreed to call me with an update after the next meeting with BT.

Beating BT price rises
You may have seen this BBC news story about BT’s planned 6.5% hike in phone bills. This is likely to affect most phone services providers but just a few months ago, I took the leap and switched my phone line over to Zen. I did it online, didn’t have to contact BT and the process was completely seamless with no break in service. Despite the fact that I was on a package that BT had sold me as being most suited to my phone usage, tying me into a 1 year contract in the process, my average monthly phone bills have fallen by over 30%. I now have no contract at all with BT.

I have no commercial interest in recommending Zen. I have no idea if it is the cheapest provider of phone calls/broadband. I suspect it is not. However, having used the firm for broadband services for many years, I cannot fault its service. Everything can be managed online, contracts are month-by-month with no long-term tie-in, call centres are based in the UK and on the few occasions I’ve needed support it was clear that the person at the other end of the phone knew what they were talking about and were not just reading from a script. In contrast, I can’t express my feelings about my experience of BT’s Customer Service without resorting to inappropriate language for a public forum such as this!

Zen will be able to offer a high speed broadband service in the village when BT finishes connecting the new cabinet.

If you’ve had good experience of other phone/broadband suppliers, please feel free to post a comment here, or send me an email and I’ll post another story if I receive a few comments.

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