Change to Club opening hours

From Carol and Nick:

South Wraxall Club continues to go from strength to strength as more and more people become aware of its existence and sign up as new members.  It now forms a thriving central social centre for them to enjoy a pint and a packet of crisps with a pickled egg whilst debating all subjects from the cost of wheat to the size of their swimming pools!  As an amenity for the village it is great to see more and more actual villagers becoming members and attending some of the many events that are being held and arranged for the future.  You will have to become a member to find out what they are though!  The opening hours have changed slightly to accommodate Sunday lunchtime eating habits and the Club now opens its doors, with a warm welcome, on Friday evenings 7-11, Sunday afternoons 2-5 and Monday evenings 7-11.  Members will tell you that these hours are fairly flexible, however, and should a party be required, or a Sunday lunchtime feast, then the Club will open to fit those needs.

The current Committee have entered into a planned phase of works on the buildings to maintain the Club’s integrity against the elements and to prevent any pilfering which means that the Club should be in good stead for many more years to come.

Please don’t be shy… come along and give it a try!  (However, if you are shy just email us at – please don’t bother with the advertised phone number as we’re usually too busy to remember to check it for messages.)

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