Don’t forget your Old Spot sausages

From Adam Tucker:

I want to thank all of South Wraxall for the continued support with my 100% Gloucester Old Spot Pork reared at Ellbridge Farm. I am excited to announce my range of sausages now available to you all, delivered to your door. My sausages are Proper Big Bangers with two classic flavours available Straight Pork (no messing) and Old English (herb and pepper) two classics because the Old Spot Pork is something special and needs no more to bring a great flavour. I do not just use the left over cuts of the pig for the sausages I use all prime cuts, from the tender loin to the leg all prime cut go into the sausages. This is a truly 100% local 100% traceable range of sausages for the villagers of South Wraxall.

Orders are being now for delivery to your door on Sunday 14th Sep.

The price is £6.50 kg = 12 sausages

Please phone Adam on 07512 654 699 to place your order today.

See you all I hope at the barn dance on Saturday, I’ll be the one serving the Hog roast!

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