Fibre optic broadband arrives in South Wraxall!

It is now possible to order high speed broadband connections in the village after BT Openreach switched on the optical fibre connection to the new cabinet in the Lower Village last night.

You are not obliged to order the new service from BT, you can use any other service provider that supports the new connections – that means most, if not all of those currently providing broadband services in the village. (We have ordered the service from Zen, our existing provider.) It will typically take around 2 weeks or so for BT to activate your line from the time of placing an order.

Speeds of up to 76 Mbps per second are likely to be available in the Lower Village. Those of us in the Upper Village may experience more modest speeds, perhaps 27 Mbps or so, due to our greater distance from the BT cabinet but it’s difficult to be precise until we get connected and see the results. Even 27 Mbps is some 10x the current connection speeds.

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