Car kills cat in Upper Village

From Jim Farrell:

I am Michael Farrells father.

Michael is disabled and moved in to the village a year ago, Churchfields.

He has settled in really well and is very happy with his new found independence, and is beginning to know people in the village.

For company Michael got a Kitten, challenging I know, but what fun, Katy, a beautiful black green eyed beast who had grown to love him and him her, immensely! Katy was one year old 2 days ago.

Today at about 6pm Katy was knocked down by a car that was coming into the village from the Bradford road junction, going at great speed! It didn’t stop, but Michael would like to thank the person in the following car who stopped to pick up Katy and take her to the London road vets. Unfortunately Katy was not alive on arrival. She was chipped so Michael was contacted straight away.

Michael’s concern is , whilst being very upset at the lack of compassion by this driver who must have known of the impact, this could so easily have been a child.

The speed at which some vehicles enter and exit the village at this point is frightening.

Obviously this is very raw for Michael at the moment, but we feel that if at all possible representation should be made to relevant parties to look at how traffic using this route could be calmed. 

Michael feels that it is only a matter of time before an even more tragic event will occur.

Jim Farrell

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