Children’s charity sponsorship appeal – Jamie’s Farm

From Tracy Branson in the Lower Village:

Many of the village residents know I  am competing in an ultra distance triathlon on the 26th Sept in Majorca.

I will be starting with a 2.5 mile swim, followed by 112 mile bike ride then running a full marathon. You will have probably seen me running or cycling round the village as my training programme is drawing to a close after 9 months – at last!!!

I have decided to raise money for charity and have chosen Jamie’s Farm in Box. However, they do have two other sites in Hertfordshire and London. 

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Every year 10,000 children are excluded from school, and 5% of children leave school with no qualifications, it has recently been acknowledged that improving soft skills and non cognitive attributes, alongside academic achievement, are essential for employability and reducing exclusion rates in schools.

Jamie’s Farm transforms the lives of vulnerable children (many from within the care system) between the ages of 11-16 from inner city schools, through a unique combination of family farming and therapy during an intenesive week long residential living and working on a farm.

Children receive support in 1:1 and group settings and are involed in all aspects of farm life from lambing to gardening, log chopping to cooking, In order to ensure changes last, they provide a robust follow up programme with schools and training for visiting staff.

Jamie’s Farm take in up to 45 children per week and have now impacted the lives of over 2600 children. 88% of children improved their self esteem, 61% their engagement with school and 61% their behaviour six weeks on.

Some of the villagers have enquired and offered to donate to my chosen charity, if you would like to donate, please either use the following link or there will be a sponsorship form in the South Wraxall Club.

Thank you for your support.



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