Himalayan Balsam problem

The invasion by Himalayan Balsam plants has started in the village!

You can see it flowering now at Kingsdown en masse, but it has also been spotted in the upper village (on the verge opposite the Old Vicarage – Laura Lodge alerted me). It is in the Environment Agency’s top 10 most destructive and costly invasive species list.  ‘Nip it in the bud’ springs to mind!

himalayan_balsamIt is an offence to introduce or allow it to spread in the wild. I have information and a brochure from organisations in Wales that have been successfully tackling the problem. I am keen to eradicate it from the village and help other areas (from which it has spread). If you would like to help or know more, do get in touch.
Most importantly, if you see any other outbreaks of it in the village do let me/the Parish Council know.
Warning: don’t touch the seedpods as they explode seed up to 5m!

Gilly Strawford gilly@strawford.co.uk
4 Churchfields

More information in the next (paper) newsletter.

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