Old Spot sausages selling fast!

From Adam Tucker:

Anyone wishing to make an order for Old Spot Sausages this week please contact me via text message on 07512 654 699. They are selling fast, the No Messing Straight Pork are sold out I’m sorry to say, but I have Herb and Pepper available.

The sausages were hand made today (Thursday 14th). They will hang to cure for 24 hours (as any great sausage should) before delivery.

Delivery to your door will be 6pm to 8pm Friday 15th, and any time after 2pm Saturday 16th.

If you wish you can pop into our award winning local The Longs Arms.  Sausages available over the bar from 6pm Friday 15th.

£3.50 for 6 Old Spot Sausages.

Minimum delivery order 12 sausages.

Thank you all for your support,  


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