Village Hall rota

It is that time again when the cow parsley is out, the lambs are skipping in the fields and the Village Hall rota needs to be rewritten.

For those who have forgotten, and for those who never knew, the Village Hall diary is managed on a month to month basis by a group of your neighbours and fellow villagers. They do an amazing job of keeping the hall open and available to hire seven days a week, twelve months of the year.

The job entails keeping the diary, having the Village Hall mobile phone and checking the hall occasionally through out the month. It also includes meeting potential new users of the hall to show them round and take them through the process of hiring.

For the first time ever it won’t include cleaning!

The committee have decided that’s a step too far and so you’ll have to do your own loos again if that’s your thing.

Please consider joining in, it really doesn’t make much time or effort and means that we continue to be a village with a thriving Village Hall.

For more information please contact Sally Jones on 867121 or

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