A Balsam Bash Sat. 3rd. Sept.


This (pictured) Himalayan Balsam is massing on the village boundary from Kingsdown. Pockets of it have been found in South Wraxall.

It is in the Environment Agency’s top 10 most destructive and costly invasive species list.  It is an offence to introduce or allow it to spread in the wild.

We have a tiny window of opportunity to tackle it before it seeds this year, which will help hugely in limiting its spread this year and eradication next year.

A working party is gathering next Sat., 3rd. September between 9 and noon.  Please do join us on this ‘balsam bash’.  Pulling up the plants is easy (and best method) and there will be strimmers for tackling the areas thronged with bramble.  Bring gardening/work gloves.

Meet at the Kingsdown edge of the Bluebell wood. We will be working there towards the driving range, and if possible at the Kingsdown T-junction and some verges near the Swan and beyond. (Pockets in S.W. have been dealt with – for now!)

For more information and to give us an idea of numbers (but not necessary) contact:

Richard Charles-Jones
m: 07834 906231     e:  richard@charles-jones.co.uk


Gilly Strawford   e:  gilly@strawford.co.uk
4 Churchfields

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