BT Phonebox

From George Lodge:

BT have a proposed programme of proposed public payphone removals. This includes the telephone box opposite the pub in the upper village. The Parish Council will be discussing their view and advising Wiltshire County Council of this. If you have a view please let one of the Parish Councillors know.

Please note that a simple objection will carry very little weight. Specific reasons as to why the phone should stay should be raised. For example:
– If there were predominantly privately rented or council housing in the area, this could suggest households with lower income without access to mobile and fixed telephones and that could be a reason that a public call box should be retained.
– If the payphone is sited in an area of particularly poor mobile phone coverage.
– If there is a higher than average need to access emergency services, including breakdown services due to specific local factors for example: the call box is near a known accident black-spot.

If, having considered objections, BT nevertheless still choses to discontinue the service, there would still be an opportunity for parish councils or registered charities to adopt the kiosk for just £1, thereby protecting the heritage of the community.

The consultation period will close on 23rd January 2017 but Parish councils have been asked to respond by Friday 9th December 2016.

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  1. Jasmine Charles-Jones says:

    We would be very keen for the parish council to review the opportunity of adopting the kiosk for £1. It would be a shame to lose this feature from the village.

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