SW Parish Council Meeting – 17th November

From Mark Caroe:

The agenda for the next meeting of the Parish Council is below.

In looking at the situation regarding the phone box it is worth noting that the box has been used just once in the last 12 months, as a result I think it is going to be extremely difficult to ask BT to retain it as a working telephone box.  We have in the past argued it was needed because of the poor mobile signal in the village but this has not been supported by use.   If we consider keeping the box we will need to consider possible future uses and the cost of insurance and maintenance, which will fall upon the Parish Council (which we all pay for through our rates); we would need a solution that will work over many years. The subject will be discussed at the PC meeting and all will be welcome.


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2 Responses to SW Parish Council Meeting – 17th November

  1. angelaconil says:

    It would be such a shame to lose the lovely red phone box opposite The Longs Arms – even without the phone line.

    1. Aesthetically, it’s a 20th century icon – the first boxes were introduced in 1920 (not this model) until 1985 – part of our heritage.
    2. It provides a warm glow at night (the only lighting in the village)
    3. There’s something eminently comforting about it – a symbol of a bygone Britishness perhaps!

    If you agree, you must let your voice be heard. Email this website or speak to a member of the Parish Council before the next meeting this coming Thursday 17th November.

    Angela in the Lower Village (we lost our phone box last year)

  2. Pene Jowett says:

    Re Phone box.

    It might be of interest to you to contact Box Parish Council for the exact details about the residents of Henley Lane, Kingsdown who were left with a decommissioned phone box. They recently chose to retain and maintain it for a small fee as a treasured land mark and reminder of times past.

    I thought this might be of interest to you in your dilemma.

    Best wishes,

    Penelope Jowett. Sent from my iPhone


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