‘Emma Roy Yoga’ Class – South Wraxall

From Angela Clarence:

Following enquiries to ascertain interest in yoga classes, there are sufficient numbers to hold classes at the Village Hall on a Monday morning and Thursday evening commencing:

Monday 6 March at 9.30am & Thursday 9 March at 6.30pm.

Discover the benefits of this ancient practice to improve flexibility, alignment, muscle tone and find inner balance and peace.

No need to be bendy!

The class is a fusion of Hatha yoga (balancing the body), pranayama (breathing techniques), relaxation/meditation. It is for all abilities and beginners are welcome!

All participants must register with ‘Emma Roy Yoga’ before attending.

To book your place, contact Emma Roy either by email,

emma.roy1@btinternet.com or T. 01225 743471 M. 07899 038 451 http://www.emmaroy.org

Classes follow school terms. Come as a ‘drop in’ at £11.00 per class, or for the term 8.50 per class (Two classes per week the cost per session is reduced to £7.00.)

The fee for the block of classes to the Easter holiday break (Mon 6 Mar–3 Apr) & (Thurs 9 Mar–6 Apr), is £42.50 payable in advance.

Should you miss a prepaid class, you can make it up at any of the other classes during the current term.

You will need a yoga mat and a small blanket for comfort. I have spares if you don’t have either. For further information, do get in touch or look at my website http://www.emmaroy.org


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