Painting Summer Schools at South Wraxall Village Hall

From Stephen Bushell:

Jackie Harding has been holding Summer School classes in Life Painting and drawing in the Hall for a few years now, since a local resident, Jill Lamb, suggested it as a perfect venue, having a lovely outside as well as inside space, with all the facilities to hand. Jill had been attending Jackie’s Summer Schools for over thirty years, and before she and Graham moved to South Wraxall, some of them were held in the garden of their house in Bathampton. Sadly, Jill is no longer with us, and Jackie thought that it would be good to offer any available places to any interested villagers who would like to spend a week or two painting a dedicated portrait model or working outside under the direction of an experienced teacher.

There will be two weekly schools at the hall: 24th – 28th July, and 7th – 11th August. Each week will have a sitting (clothed) model for those wanting to work inside, and the classes run from 10.00am to 4.00pm.

For more information, please contact Jackie at:

or phone her on 01225 463379.

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