Booking the Village Hall

From Ian Millard:

The Village Hall has an on-line booking system and it is now live.  Please visit the Village Hall web page ( where you will find the booking rates, together with links to the on line calendar and to the booking enquiry form.  If you wish to book the Village Hall please use the booking enquiry form to provide the details.

Once your booking has been accepted we will email you back to confirm this and you will see your booking appear in the calendar (you may need to refresh the web page to see the update).

By default all bookings are treated as private and show on the calendar as busy.  If your event is open to everyone in South Wraxall, then we can change busy to an event title of your choosing if you wish.  Please state in the booking comments that you want the event to be shown as public and your preferred title.

You have various payment options, we prefer bank transfer if possible.  Please ensure your name is shown in the bank payment so that we know you have paid.

The Village Hall is a great resource that all of you can use, hopefully this change makes it easier to use by letting you see when it is available, and then allowing you to place a booking any time of the day.

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