No Hands Massage

From Janet Le Sueur:

Come and try the new ‘NO HANDS Massage’ for free! (Just give a minimum of £5 for Church Funds).  I would be at the Fete but I am on a training course that day, so I am offering this as my contribution towards the Church.

This approach to massage work, developed by Gerry Pyvres over 20  years of clinical work, can be done clothed or with oil. Massage is probably one of the oldest and natural of all therapies and the power of touch is immense: time out to connect, release tension and feel nurtured. The ‘NO HANDS’ therapist uses mainly their forearms rather than hands or fingers to help release tension and stretch and loosen muscles . The “Gentle Giant” description sums up how it feels; deep but gentle.

Choose from:

  • Head, face and neck treatment
  • Back treatment
  • Foot treatment

Come experience this for yourself. I look forward to hearing from you. Usual contra-indications to massage apply.

Contact Janet Le Sueur on 01225 867645 or to book your treatment.


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