Gong Sound Baths for Relaxation, Transformation and Wellness

From Linda Joy Wrigley:

My name is Linda Joy and I have been delighted to bring Gong Sound to South Wraxall since November 2016.  My Sound Therapy has drawn many many people into your village and some have returned to the hall with their own offerings.  So on this two year anniversary I thought that I would tell you what you can expect at a Gong Sound Bath, in the hope that you too may wish to come along and feel the benefits.

My Gong Sound Bath for relaxation, transformation and wellness is held in South Wraxall Village Hall every first and third Tuesday of each month. Next dates will be November 6th and 20th 2018.

I invite you to come along with an open heart and mind, a mat, pillow and some cosy blankets/duvet to keep you warm and snug.  Please arrive 7.30pm for a 7.45pm start.  We finish by 9.15pm.

You will bathe in the sound and vibrations of the sacred gongs, crystal bowls and many other instruments.  ‘it’s like a full body massage at cellular level!’  People everywhere and in all walks of life are now enjoying the benefits of Sound Baths in their lives.

If you would like to know more please look at my website http://www.joyfulhealing.co.uk or contact me. Suggested Exchange £15. Booking is essential. Contact : joyfulhealing@btinternet.com to book. 07966072625

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