Children’s Playing Field

From Toby Minter:

Whilst mowing the Playing Field yesterday I discovered a quantity of hazardous litter around the benches and goalpost nearest to the footpath. It consisted of broken glass from beer and wine bottles, an empty beer bottle, lager and cider cans and 4 small metal canisters of what I understand to be nitrous oxide/NOS (a legal high). I spent an hour checking the Field thoroughly to remove as much glass that I could find. This morning my mowing tractor had 2 flat tyres from punctures so I spent more time this afternoon cutting the grass shorter to remove any remaining glass from the area but I cannot guarantee this so please warn your children to take care.

From time to time people do leave occasional items of litter such as crisp packets and soft drinks’ cans which, although tiresome, is not a problem. However we are very concerned the Playing Field is being used for drinking, etc, and broken glass has been left there without a thought for others’ safety, particularly children.  I would urge readers of this message to spread the word that we will not tolerate such behaviour and, unfortunately, if there is a re-occurrence we will withdraw this piece of land from being used as a playing field due to the risks involved with broken glass.

Playing Field Litter photo.jpg

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