Missing dog update

From Michelle Brown:

Dear all, we’d like to thank everyone for their help and support in finding Otto, thank you all! Otto had gone missing from his daily walk in the Avenue on Monday 31st December 2018 and didn’t make his way home as he usually would! After several days of searching and following up leads from sightings in Calne and Winsley to no avail, volunteers from doglost.com came to the village to help find him. On Friday afternoon they tracked all possibilities of where he could be from knowing the details of his last walk, setting up several bedding stations. It was about 5.30 pm and dark when the volunteers noticed Otto’s body by a small stream near the private woodland. Otto didn’t have any obvious injuries and so we think he may have had a fit or cardiac event that he was not able to survive. We are obviously very sad to loose him , but know he had a great life in a lovely village with access to wonderful open fields and woodlands that any dog would love. Thank you to everyone who helped in finding him and for your understanding and support, Michelle, Ruby and Bella at Upper Farm.

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