Black and white spotty Pointer found wearing black harness

From Kelly Pritchard:

I have just found a dog on the school run to Monkton Farleigh.  It’s Tuesday 15th January. The dog was howling in the middle of the lane, I stopped to call it to me but it was scared and would not approach.  It ran off across the fields.  A few of us tried to call it and think who it belonged to but it was last sighted heading across the fields in the direction of the back road that heads towards South Wraxall, near the driving range.  This was at about 3.30pm. It was very vocal, we tried whistling and calling but it wouldn’t come back.

I rang the Council dog warden to report sighting, but they said they wouldn’t come out if it wasn’t restrained, and they weren’t linked up to any databases for missing dogs!! So quite useless really!  Please spread this message in the hope that the dog is reunited with it’s owners before it gets dark

Kelly Pritchard 07828 522134.


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