Despite the fact that the village shops disappeared many years ago, there are numerous businesses run by people who live in or near South Wraxall, and some are even based in the village. These include:

  • Automa8: Project management and consultancy service for engineering businesses and manufacturers. Contact: Mark Le Sueur,, 07855 038604.
  • Arvensis Perennials: A trade nursery specialising in peat-free herbaceous perennials, grasses and ferns in the Lower Village. Run by Rob & Gussy, please contact us via email at or 01225 867761
  • Ellbridge Quail Farm and Livery Yard: Quail eggs (hatching or eating), quail chicks, and horse livery in Lower Wraxall. Contact: Tattie Steele-Mortimer,, 01225 309045.
  • ID3: a strategically-minded digital marketing agency that provides a range of services to span today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving digital landscape. Contact: Mark Cherry,, 01225 866416.
  • Integral Change: supporting leaders and management teams to lead organisational change: performance improvement, post-acquisition integration, culture change etc.  Clients include Blue chips, SMEs, Whitehall departments, schools, health providers and local authorities.  Contact: Nick Mayhew, 01225 864920.
  • Wraxall Therapies by Janet Le Sueur: a range of treatments including personalised facials using ‘Neals Yard Remedies’ and other beautiful products. Bowen technique, Swedish and facial rejuvenation massage and “M technique” – something for everyone to relax and restore.  Contact or 01225 867645, or text on 07935 217 042. Special price of £30 for village residents or mentioning this website.
  • Publitek: Digital marketing and PR services for companies in electronics, engineering and industrial markets. Contact: Bob Jones,, 07802 956179.
  • Song-People: Talent management consulting for blue-chip companies. Contact: Jane Griffiths,, 07894 082992.
  • Steve Randall: Chimney sweep based in the upper village. £5 discount if you mention you found him on this web site! Contact: Steve Randall,, 01225 864468 or 07971 161158.

If you’d like your business to be added here, please send brief details to Ian (AT)