Parish Council

The Parish Council holds meetings four times each year to discuss a wide range of issues relating to South Wraxall and the surrounding area.

It also meets, often at very short notice, to review and comment on planning applications, although it has no statutory powers to accept or reject applications. The Parish Council simply comments on applications to Wiltshire Council’s planners. Advance notice of planning meetings will not normally appear on this web site.

Residents are welcome to attend Parish Council meetings in order to listen to proceedings, and to make representations to the Parish Council. However, they cannot then participate in discussions relating to topics in which they may have an interest e.g. planning applications, and may be asked to leave the meeting whist such topics are discussed.

Below you will will find details of the next quarterly meeting, links to minutes of recent meetings and a list of Parish Councillors for South Wraxall.

Members of the Parish Council

Owen Atkin, Mark Caroe (chairman), Tom Farthing, Nigel Gill, Steven Pile, Gilly Strawford, and Bella Walker.

Clerk to the Council: Margaret Carey, 52 Greenhill, Neston, Corsham, SN13 9NQ. 01225 810274

Parish Council Notices in Chronological Order (most recent first)

Next Meeting: 4th September 2019 7 pm at SW Village Hall

Tuesday 14th January 2020 at 7 pm

Tuesday 10th March 2020 at 7 pm

Tuesday 12th May 2020 at 7 pm – Annual Council Meeting

Tuesday 16th June 2019 – Annual Parish Meeting

Agenda – Full Council September 2019

Council Meeting 9th May 2019


SW Internal Auditors Report

SW Exemption Certificate

SW Annual Governance Statement

SW Accounting Statement

Agenda for Annual Parish Meeting – 2019


Notice of Public Rights – SWPC

Agenda – Annual Council Meeting 2019

Council Meeting 11th April 2019

Agenda – Planning – April 2019

Council Meeting 7th march 2019

Agenda – Full Council March 2019

Council Meeting 24th January 2019

Agenda – full council january 2019

council meeting 27th november 2018

council meeting 23rd october 2018

council meeting 19th september 2018

Agenda – Planning – Nov 2018

Agenda – Planning – Oct 2018

Agenda – Full Council September 2018

Agenda – Planning – 23 August 2018

Scheduled meetings: 4 July 2018

Agenda – Planning – July 2018

2017-18 Accounts Notices

Annual Governance Statement

Accounting Statement 2017-18

Summary of Accounts 2017-18

Internal Auditors Report

Explanation of Variances

Contact List

Agenda – Full Council June 2018

Agenda for Annual Parish Meeting – 2018

Annual Council Meeting 16th May 2018

Agenda – Council Meeting 16 May 2018

Council Meeting 21st March 2018

Agenda – Full Council March 2018

Council Meeting 17th January 2018

Agenda – Full Council January 2018

Council Meeting 15th December 2017

Council Meeting 12th October 2017

Council Meeting 20th September 2017

SWPC Annual Report 2017

Agenda – Planning – October 2017

Agenda – Full Council September 2017

Council Meeting 9th August 2017

Council Meeting 14th June 2017

Agenda – Full Council June 2017

Council Meeting 31st May 2017

Annual Council Meeting 11th May 2017

Council Meeting 29th march 2017

Council Meeting 7th March 2017



Notice of Audit Conclusion 17 Oct 2016




Agenda – Council June 2016


Planning – 12th April 2016

Agenda for Annual Parish Meeting – 2016

Planning – 17th February 2016

TPO – 20th January 2016

Full Council – 6th January 2016

Planning – 24th November 2015

Planning – 27th October 2015

Full Council – 23rd September 2015

Full Council – 23rd June 2015

Planning – 10th June 2015

Full Council -12th May 2015

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